FabriVision 3D Inspection

First article inspection of flat parts comparing them to CAD drawing. HD laser projection unit scans parts in as little as 12 seconds. Variable height scanning to detect forms and accuracy measuring holes in formed parts. Visual verification function projects laser onto holes and forms to allow the operator to easily qualify their placement on the part. Reverse engineering function allows a customer part to be scanned and transformed into CAD data. SPC and Quality reports can be generated automatically according to your requirements. Reduced QC bottlenecks as FabriVision can be integrated into shopfloor activities. Heavy duty glass top capable of handling sheets up to 90kg. Self-calibration of laser before each part is scanned to ensure high accuracy.


We have been hesitant to throw any big jobs your way because we have numerous sheet metal houses in the US. However, everything you’ve shipped us thus far has been on-time, on-budget, and without flaw. It’s time to give you a chance to become one of our key vendors.

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