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What is Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal is metal formed into thin pieces of varying thicknesses and is one of the fundamental forms used in metalworking. Thickness of sheet metal is called its gauge. The larger the number, the thinner the metal. Sheet metal commonly ranges from 30 gauge to 8 gauge.

Many different types of metal can be made into sheet metal including steel, aluminum, stainless, and copper. Even silver, gold and platinum are used in decorative uses.

Sheet metal is used in car bodies, airplane wings, roofs many many other things. Magnetic metals like iron are used in transformers and electric machines.

Metalcraft specializing in working with steel, aluminum and copper to thicknesses of up to 1/4″. We also work with stainless up to 10 gauge.

Working with Sheet Metal

FabriVision 3D Inspection – Metal Craft uses FabriVISION for the validation of sheet metal parts. In use for over 20 years, FabriVISION increases performance and accuracy.

Turret Punch Press Services – Metal Craft uses a computer numerical controlled turret punch press that can be used in forming and shearing, depressions, dimples and many other effects. Our CNC Turret machine is in-house and can be programmed to punch sheet metal into almost any design required. A typical component can be cut to high precision from a blank sheet in under 15 seconds by either a press or a laser CNC machine.


We have been hesitant to throw any big jobs your way because we have numerous sheet metal houses in the US. However, everything you’ve shipped us thus far has been on-time, on-budget, and without flaw. It’s time to give you a chance to become one of our key vendors.

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