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Plexiglass Barriers, Shields, or Sneeze Guards serve as a transparent shield to catch respiratory droplets and inhibit direct contact while still allowing staff and customers to see and communicate with each other to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19.  

Once the Plexiglass are in place, it doesn’t require any training and is not dependent on individual correct usage (as required for masks). 

There are different grades of Plexiglass. We choose high-grade acrylic to provide long-term use so it doesn’t need to be continually supplied.  


  • Plexiglass is lightweight and weather-resistant 
  • More impact resistant than glass  
  • Heat resistant 
  • Chemical resistant 



Most Plexiglass can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol or soap and water, however always refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual as the materials they use may react differently to various substances.  



For our Plexiglass Safeguards all hardware is included and is designed for quick assembly. They are set on stronghold metal brackets secured with wingnut thumb screws for a stable foundation and durable use. Click here for full assembly instructions, and always refer to the manufacturer’s manual.  



There are a few variations of Plexiglass for countertops available for easy consumer use. Our team came together to design 3 standard sizes set on durable steel metal brackets to give provide more weight and stability and for durable long-term use. These metal brackets were also designed to have built-in mounting holes for added security.  

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“I just wanted to extend thanks and praise from NXT for all the hard work in meeting our tight timelines for this past project. The sheet metal quality was impeccable and your ability to push the parts through without full design documentation is a testament your experience in planning, skilled staff and also our trust in your attention to detail and quality workmanship.”


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“We had a critical rush job. With Metalcraft’s help we were able to ship on time. We could have not done this without the help of you guys. We appreciate our partnership.”


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D. N.

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“Metalcraft Technology has helped us immensely with the manufacturing of our parts. When we first sourced Metalcraft 6 years ago we realized that we would definitely have a long term relationship with them due to their ISO registration and Lean Manufacturing. Not only did they provide quality product, but with their lean manufacturing expertise they helped us streamline our processes, saving us time and costs.”


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“We supply product to the medical field so we need our suppliers to establish and maintain a solid quality system. Metalcraft has a solid quality system. They ensure our product is on-time and meets our specifications. They are always available to us and often suggests better alternatives. Thank you Metalcraft.”


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“We did not have the resources or time to fully implement Lean Manufacturing. With Feroz’ expertise and help our manufacturing is now more efficiently resulting in cost reduction.”


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