Manufacturer of High-Quality COVID-19 Protection & Safety Products Made-in-Canada



Providing professional modern solutions for corporate and public service industries. Featuring a line of COVID-19 Protection Products made with high-grade premium materials, clean finishes, and the use of laser precision cutting and etching technologies to create attractive visuals for branding and for guiding safety product use.

Our in-house technologies allow for fast production to provide COVID-19 Protection Products in volume for staff and public needs. With production capabilities to produce between 4000-8000 Face Shields a week, we’re able to provide an ongoing supply of protective products for a safe re-opening with quick access to these products to meet business and public needs.

Specializing in custom pieces with a portfolio of clients in the restaurant and hospitality industries, government, education, oil and mining among others, our Plexiglass Safeguard Barriers are tailored for bar tops, booths, dining benches, cubicle dividers, and more. View past work and full services in the brochure link below.

All made in-house with next day shipping and local delivery to get safety products to you quickly.

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“It’s a pleasure working with you. Fast, professional, attention to detail, respectful and caring”
— Daniel, Tap and Barrel & BREWHALL

Free Standing Sanitizer Stands

Durable stronghold premium metal stands made to be compatible with major sanitizer dispensers. Featuring laser cut hand washing graphic icon that is universally identifiable and made for durable long-term use. Complete with a drip tray to catch excess sanitizer.

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Wall Mount Sanitizer Stations

Durable stronghold premium metal hanging sanitizer stations to keep desks clutter-free or for setting up additional sanitizing stations for open floor plan spaces or on the wall in hallways. Featuring laser cut signage that is easily identifiable and made for durable long-term use without the need to purchase or attach additional signs.

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Freestanding Plexiglass Barriers

Durable high-quality acrylic plexiglass shield paired with solid black metal mounts. Sleek modern design while providing safety for customers and employees. Designed to be adjustable, allowing up to 6″ higher or lower.

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Standard Counter Plexiglass

Durable high-quality acrylic plexiglass safeguard shield 3/16″ thick with attractive black metal stand.

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Medical Grade Face Shields

Durable reusable, high-quality Medical Grade Full Face Shield – with comfort padding and sound ventilation.

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Industries served:

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Retail and grocery
  • Food processing
  • Movie industry
  • Offices
  • Government
  • Medical